Book Book for iPhone

This is kind’a scary. Long ago I decided that I should not be ashamed of my continual attraction to computer/iPad/iPhone cases any more than what I’ve noted of the attraction of my female friends to all things shoes and accessories. So here’s my latest acquisition in the world of iPhone 4 cases, the Book Book for iPhone4 by TwelveSouth. My one and only venture in filio/wallet type iphone cases was Griffin Tech’s Elan Passport Wallet, which I only used once or twice and then exiled to the “was a good idea at the time” drawer.

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iPhone4 vs HTC Evo AND HTC vs iPhone4

No too surprising that these two videos have gone viral. There’s something very irrational about fans and haters. What’s even more illogical is that the video creator got fired from Best Buy because his First Amendments rights didn’t fit BB’s weak ass corporate culture. I bet he would have suffered the same plight had he been an educator. Oh yeah, BB decided to offer him back his job and he decided that this was a wake-up call to do something better with his life than passively tolerate said fan boys, haters and corporate bozos. Continue reading iPhone4 vs HTC Evo AND HTC vs iPhone4