Daily Random Sh*t: No More

Daily Random Shit: No More Washington Post article carried one story from the shooting (https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/two-strangers-bond-over-country-music-and-beer-then-the-shots-started/2017/10/03/d5d4541a-a846-11e7-b3aa-c0e2e1d41e38_story.html) Sad. We can make this better, but it won’t be simple and we cannot let those who shout the loudest “win.” What should have led … Continue reading Daily Random Sh*t: No More

Sonic Support – Bent Earbuds

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-23: Bent Earbuds You never know important something is until it stops working properly. And I just realized that this is the second time in the past year that my earbuds seem to be cutting-out or launching Siri randomly or going into double-speed of the podcast I’m listening to. I’m guessing that shoving my giganti-phone iPhone 6 Plus into my pockets with earbuds attached, even with large 5.1.1 Tactical cargo pant pockets, is putting too much pressure on the cord and pin to the point that I’ve bent the part that goes into the phone and … Continue reading Sonic Support – Bent Earbuds

Et tu, WordPress?

I decided to go to the local WordPress holiday party. Nice people, great snacks and beer, love the Exchange Building where it was hosted. Most of the attendees of these events are either developers or run WordPress related-businesses. I’m neither. I’m a writer who inconsistently blogs. As if I wasn’t feeling a little odd-man-out enough a fellow said hi, asked me what I do and then pointed out that the computer on my shirt was out of date. Dammit if he wasn’t spot on. I’ve been wearing these work shirts forever… well, at least going back to the days of … Continue reading Et tu, WordPress?

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Difficult – Blogging in 2015

Part 1 – 2015-11-03 I think I got bored over the summer and decided that I wanted to go from the relatively inexpensive WordPress.com to the extremely customizable “self-hosted” version of WordPress (the version used by WP gurus and whole businesses built on supporting/creating these sites…). Since then I’ve “duplicated” the main blog, though there were about 1,000 posts that didn’t seem to make the transfer successfully (requiring some ongoing hand-coding/manual transferring of the missing posts…). I created a blog specifically for my podcast, jbb’s final thoughts (instead of it being just a category on the main blog). I’ve attempted … Continue reading It’s Not Supposed To Be This Difficult – Blogging in 2015

Education in the Age of the Technologist

This video presentation was originally given at Bar Camp Orlando 2015 on April 18, 2015. Why do some technology solutions seem to work in education while others don’t? Where are MOOCs missing the mark? Education in the Age of the … Continue reading Education in the Age of the Technologist