Microsoft’s Courier Tablet – Raised From the Dead… Kind’a

Somehow this seems fitting at this time of year that a darling visionary product from the pre-iPad era, called the Courier Tablet, that Microsoft then killed after the iPad announcement, is back. Well, not the actual device, but two apps that mimic some of the proposed Couriers’ functionality: Paper by 53 Studios and Tapose. For those who may not remember, just before the announcement of what was to become the iPad, Microsoft released a video of a “booklet” type device with dual 7-inch screens that used a stylus and multi-touch gestures and several gadget blogs, particularly Gizmodo and engadget, wet themselves thinking that Microsoft was going to trump whatever it was that Apple was going to announce. Then just before the original iPad was set to ship, Microsoft killed the Courier and decided that Windows 8 (expected in 2013) would be its tablet strategy, thus giving Apple a three-year-plus lead to continue it’s iOS juggernaut.

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