Jason Nicholas’ Tucson Trump Experience

Daily Random Shit for 2016-03-24My Post:This is NOT greatness in action. I know of only one conservative friend on FB who has spoken out against trump. I challenge all of you who have always believed in the GOP, the country needs to hear you disown this brand of hatred. This guy is not helping your party or where you believe the country should. The world thinks that we’re idiots because of this guy and he’s your party’s leading candidate. I challenge you to speak out against the hatred. We don’t need our own American Hitler. The Original Post by Jason … Continue reading Jason Nicholas’ Tucson Trump Experience

Curt Schilling & Whether to Fight with Internet Trolls

I felt prompted to post the following comment on the website of one of my favorite daily podcasts, The Morning Stream (episode 777), after the hosts discussed the controversy after friend of the show, Curt Schilling, took a hard approaching to dealing with threatening comments made by online trolls directed at Schilling and his daughter (CNN 2015): When one thinks about punishing the trolls for their bad behavior, I completely understand the frustration with thinking that there’s really no point of engaging the battle because it won’t change the trolls behavior and because it’s a game of whack-a-mole with dozens … Continue reading Curt Schilling & Whether to Fight with Internet Trolls