Video Mondays: Totally Biased: The God Debate

What a better way to begin the week than a debate on the existence of God? Actually, this is one of the better “dialogues” on the subject that I’ve ever seen. Quite frankly most of the “debates” that I’ve seen … Continue reading Video Mondays: Totally Biased: The God Debate

For the Love of It – Music

This past Sunday afternoon Tricia and I went to see her brother play at a Blues jam session held at a place called Jesup Bay out in Oviedo, a few miles from my place. It was a beautiful afternoon, the parking lot was packed and a ring of motorcycles surrounded the entry way, where a few were enjoying the breezy sunshine and a smoke on the porch. Inside a two-sided stone fireplace marked the line between the restaurant in the front and the bar in the back where the jam session was noisily taking place. There were a number of familiar players that we’d seen at the regular jam sessions held most Friday nights at a dive bar on Semoran Blvd in Casselberry called Holly & Dolly’s. Tricia’s brother, Jack, had already played a set by the time we got there, but the line-up was pretty casual, so he jumped up to play when he felt like it, a few songs after we got there.

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IBF 10: May 21st: To Know What Jesus Said No One Can Know

While listening to NPR’s Religion podcast I was surprised to hear that there is yet again another group of Christians predicting the Rapture, when Jesus will rescue the faithful and leave the rest to suffer unbelievable torment. This time the … Continue reading IBF 10: May 21st: To Know What Jesus Said No One Can Know