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2014-07-05 Blog Selfies - 7
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What is this blog about… Well, I break one of the first rules about blogging in that this blog isn’t about any one thing. I know that I cringe any time I hear anyone speak on things outside of their expertise and it isn’t particularly SEO friendly to attempt to put together a blog that doesn’t neatly fall into any one label. Well, I’ve never been very good about labels to begin with, so it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who knows me that I would refuse to silo off my thoughts into some pre-digested forum. Sorry. At the same time, I’m by no means a know-it-all. But rather, I offer these thoughts as observations with the hope of beginning or continuing the conversation about the things that have great meaning to us, the things that frighten us, the things that make us laugh, the things that we need to do better and the possibility of learning from one another in this ongoing observation and conversation. Thanks for visiting this place and please leave a comment, suggestion or subscribe to my feeds so that we can continue to benefit from each others’ contributions. jbb

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